Drones Club Aerial Photography

Our Services

Drone Photography

We offer a Drone Photography service offering a different angle of your home or property.

We offer:

  • Web optimized images for real estate listings.
  • High quality images for printing images of property
  • High quality images for property surveying.
  • Mapping services using Nadir photography techniques and stitching multiple images together.

All images are color corrected and edited by our in-house editing team.

Video Production

We offer professional, cinematic Videos to enhance you real estate listing or even as a commercial for your business.

We offer:

  • 1 minute Drone video aerial video optimized for youtube or real estate listing.
  • 1 minute interior video walk-thru of property.
  • 2 minute video including BOTH aerial and interior video of property.

We also offer:

  • Short commercials up to 2 minutes for use on websites, including titling and music.

What you can expect from our visit

We will:

  • Come to your property to perform our checklist, which includes, ensuring that your property has space needed for quality aerial images, assessing potential hazards (trees, electric, phone lines etc.) and checking weather conditions in real-time.
  • In the event that the property in the vicinity of an airport, obtain FAA clearance before the flight is due to be performed.
  • Perform flight in accordance with all FAA regulations and company guidelines of safety.
  • Send our RAW images to our in-house editors to be color corrected and edited.
  • After processing, send the images to you via the internet OR on a Disc.
  • Ensure that you are happy with the quality of our work as described in our quality guidelines.

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