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15 Quick Tips To Improve Your Drone Photography

As a professional UAV pilot, you continue to learn your craft every day. Some people are good pilots, others are good photographers. You will have to be good at both to be a professional drone photographer. Master these quick tips to improve your drone photography.

Quick Tips Before You Fly

  • Scout For Locations – Use Google Maps or Earth to look for striking top-down sites.
  • Pay Attention To The Weather – Think about how wind speed, height of the sun, level of cloud cover and having changeable conditions might affect your shoot.
  • Plan Your Shoot – Do as much of the flight planning as possible before you take off. Doing so will save you time and valuable battery life while in the air.

Quick Tips While Flying

Qucik tips High aerial plan image
An example of how getting higher can create astonishing results.
  • Get Higher – Altitude can give an image a brand new perspective.
  • Level Your Camera – Even the newest drone can have this problem. Take care of it before-hand and don’t lose precious pixels in post-production.
  • Use The Thirds Grid – The rule of thirds is any photographers friend. Learning why images are pleasing to people will allow youto choose your shots wisely.
  • Use Flight Modes – Using flight modes during your shoot will allow you to concentrate more on your camera.
  • Look For Patterns – Look for pleasing shapes or lines to draw the viewer into the image.
  • Find Contrasting Colors – Contrast tells a story in photography and can add a pop of excitement to an otherwise drab image.
  • Capture Shadows – Seeing shadows gives the viewer an extra dimension and can clarify what an object is when shot from above.
  • Shoot The Horizon – Aerial images can lack perspective but that can be remedied by including the horizon.
  • Shoot Raw – When you shoot in JPEG information is compressed and lost. When you shoot raw the image is a much higher quality and can be corrected in post-production much better.

Quick Tips For Post Production

Quick tips stitched image
An example of a stitched high megapixel image


  • Use Photo Stitching – You can make a high Megapixel image by stitching multiple images together. This is great for mapping or dramatic panoramas.
  • Keep Colors Consistent – Photographers have color palettes for their brand. You should do the same. Your customer will know what they can expect when you give them their final product.

Have fun learning and practicing your skills. Remaining teachable and retaining a thirst for knowledge and advancement will be one of the keys to your success as a professional UAV pilot. I would recommend working on each tip individually and then working them into your daily routine.

If this helps you, if you have any others tips or any other comments, post them in the comments section.

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